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Pianos Inside Out

Pianos Inside Out by Mario Igrec is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of piano tuning, servicing, regulation, repairing, and rebuilding. Hailed as a "monumental work" by the Europiano Magazine and "the most ambitious book on piano technology ever written" by the Piano Technicians Journal, Pianos Inside Out "fills a crying need, bringing together some of the advances in the past three decades as part of a comprehensive treatment of the profession, and trying to make things accessible to non-technicians" (Fred Sturm, RPT, pianist and piano technician, University of New Mexico).

TheoryBuilder Music Theory Workbooks

TheoryBuilder by Seni Igrec is a set of workbooks for all levels of elementary and high school music theory. The workbooks are designed to help you teach music theory and assign homework. TheoryBuilder eliminates the need to prepare your own materials and helps standardize music theory practice for your students.

Mediterranean Zen

Mediterranean Zen: A Story of Kvarner, a Timeless Jewel of the Croatian Adriatic (in preparation) by the Croatian painter and poet Zdenko Velčić is an apotheosis of a humble lifestyle, timeless natural beauty, and enduring spirit of what may be the last authentic culture in all of the Mediterranean. Thoroughly researched and written in a simple yet captivating language, this book takes us on a journey of traditions, crafts, and social bonds as they existed before and during the great transformation of the 20th century. But Velčić doesn't only recount the past--he takes us into a grassy field, under a sprawling oak tree, to the summit of an island. He even takes us fishing, seeking spiritual fulfillment as much as the thrill of a good catch. As Velčić helps us observe the most ordinary in a butterfly, a wild asparagus plant, and an eel, he transports us into a world that has become invisible to most of us. Soon we realize that we are meditating in a reality in which the past and present are one, and in which we are a little closer to our true nature.



Agramerski rječnik is a dictionary of words used in Zagreb, Croatia, derived from German as spoken in Vienna. It's no surprise that Zagreb borrowed so many words from the Viennese dialect considering the strength of centuries-long cultural and educational ties with Vienna. The dictionary is in early stages of development. We encourage you to contribute additional words or phrases via links on the dictionary page.

  Art of Tuning by Claude Montal

The Art of Tuning by Claude Montal is the earliest comprehensive text on piano tuning, design, action regulation, and repair, first published in France in 1836. Piano Technicians Guild Foundation presents this English translation by Fred Sturm RPT in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Montal's death. The translation is based on the 1865 edition, with altered and deleted content from the 1836 edition appearing in notes and appendices. The book is available for purchase at artoftuning.com. In Tune Press provided book design, layout, preparation of illustrations, and typesetting of text and musical examples.
    The Art of Tuning is fascinating in the directness of its style and unrestricted sharing of information in an age when information was often treated as trade secret and a source of competitive advantage. This treatise is especially impressive considering that Claude Montal, a piano manufacturer with multiple patents and trade awards, was completely blind. Montal worked with Louis Braille on the writing system for the blind, and worked relentlessly on promoting the education and employment of blind piano technicians. In the Art of Tuning he includes comprehensive guidelines for training people who are blind and visually impaired.